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zombie apocalypse preparation

Of course, it is quite likely that you will, on occasion, find yourself needing to deal with an errant zombie without easy access to your weapon of choice. It’s good to remember, in a pinch, you can always grab a handy bat, garden implement, or heavy rock and just have at it. Zombies, for all their horrifying habits, are remarkably easy to kill.

  1. Assemble your team

While the occasional loner can and does wander the post-apocalyptic landscape without being taken down by lurching hordes of brain-cravers, most people make it through the zombie apocalypse by creating structured and diverse social units. While television and movie depictions of the apocalypse would have us believe these resourceful people just sort of fell together in the aftermath of the initial wave of the zombie virus, in real life, you’re more likely to get stuck with your whiny relatives or co-workers… unless you plan ahead.

Consider the people you know in light of their personalities, skill sets, and will to live, and invite them to join your Zombie Survival Team. A few suggested archetypes to consider:

  • Determined leader: A calm, steady type who’s not afraid to take charge and make decisions. You might look to folks in law enforcement or some other form of public service. Just be aware that the stress of leadership during the zombie apocalypse can bring out the worst in people, so try to avoid megalomaniacs and psychopaths.
  • Medical professional: Even without the threat of the zombie virus, life in the apocalypse is a medical minefield. Survivors tend to get hurt a lot, and with no running water or sanitation, disease can run rampant. Try to include a doctor, nurse, or even a veterinarian in your hardy band of survivors. You won’t be sorry, especially if and when somebody does get a zombie bite.
  • Wise counsel: When the leader needs advice, she must have someone intelligent and reliable to whom she can turn. Enter the Wise Counsel, often someone a little older, perhaps an academic or cleric, who can help solve problems without threatening the authority of the leader.

Wild warrior: Every group needs a fighter, that half-crazed but fearless guy or hal in camo who will take one for the team and still keep going, even when it seems all is lost. Navy SEALS, SWAT team members, and roller derby queens are all good candidates for this role.