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best WordPress theme for musicians


The report refers to over 15,000 WordPress plugins available from the official plugin repository. Now, that number has climbed to 49,400!

WordPress currently powers over 27 percent of the whole internet. In April 2017, it had been used on 58.8 percent of all websites using content management systems.

25 percent of WordPress developers create a fulltime living in the platform. Many more work on WordPress part time, frequently as part of a contemporary lifestyle-led method of working.

The fact that I did not mention WooCommerce in the guide is interesting. WooCommerce now powers over 41 percent of ALL e-commerce stores internationally. If I wrote the article today, I’d definitely suggest the opportunities available to WooCommerce programmers. Some people design their very own WordPress specialists, whereas others require a specialist.

The initial article refers more to creating websites for customers than to other growth opportunities in the WordPress ecosystem. By way of instance, I did not really discuss the chance to develop WordPress products like premium plugins. Since that time, we’ve launched our very own WordPress plugins business that’s thriving and growing monthly. Again and again, we’ve learned precisely how many opportunities are available for WordPress developers.

WordPress has continued to grow in the world’s top website platform. Whole sub-industries have emerged around it, such as WooCommerce is a massive growth area with many opportunities for programmers.

Since 2012, a great deal of people have jumped onto the bandwagon and heard WordPress — quite rightly. But in my experience, the marketplace for WordPress developers still has lots of room for everybody. Each programmer just needs to find their private niche.

The excellent thing about WordPress in 2017 is that the industry is so huge, you may pick a niche and have an excellent chance of ranking highly in Google within your specialty. Even if the market is extremely specific (e.g. WooCommerce password protected classes, for which we have the no. 1 place), there is a great chance that lots of people are looking for it and you may be successful.