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What’s New in Clover Hills Rehabilitation? This is a question that many people ask when they hear about the treatment center for people who have become addicted to drugs and alcohol. It’s also the question that many are not familiar with because most of the people that come to this treatment center have no idea what exactly happens at the center. In fact, the center has several activities that are designed to help these people get better faster.

The rehab facility is housed in a building that was formerly a daycare and school. It was built to help people get their lives back on track after they had a drug or alcohol addiction. This building contains a number of activities that will help the people that come into the center feel better about themselves. These activities include the “Cocoon,” which are a playhouse for children, the “Harmony Room,” which help them get their emotions under control, and a number of other smaller activities.


The main goal of this center is to help people get better by teaching them how to get rid of the physical side of the addiction. This includes helping the person to regain their strength and their self-esteem. The center wants to help the addict to become more independent and work on ways to cope with their addiction.

Many people have problems trying to quit using drugs and alcohol because of the withdrawal symptoms that they feel after a few days of being off of the drug. The program focuses on getting the individual to feel better before they get off of their drug and alcohol.

Clover Hills is not a one time process, however. There are many activities that will help the individuals get better. The center will also work with the addict to help them create their life again. There are groups that they can join for support groups. This includes having regular church visits so that they can stay connected with others who are in recovery.

Some of the activities that they will do at the center include visiting a local park, going to an amusement park or bowling alley, going to a park or zoo, and staying at a hotel or a family member’s house. They also have activities where they can play tennis, watch movies, go hiking and bike rides, and eat out. There are even games like the piano and chess that the patient can participate in at the center.