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How will you know what to expect the toddler years to bring? Toddlers are full of curiosity and desire to explore the world, and you as a parent have to be prepared for all the adventures that come with their new-found independence. The “What to Expect the Toddler Years, 2nd Edition” eBook by Dr. Kimberly Smith is just what the book name says it is: a handy guide to help prepare for what to expect in a typical toddler’s life.

A DVD that covers everything from when your little one is born to how to get rid of colic, what to feed them, and what types of toys to buy. In a nutshell, it covers everything you need to know in order to provide the very best childhood possible. From newborn care, which will include feeding the baby, taking him to the doctor’s office, and how to care for a newborn during the first year of his life, to preschool and after school activities, this DVD can give you an idea of what to expect and what you can do to keep your child stimulated.

The book is easy to read, and includes helpful diagrams and text on what to expect as well as tips on how to make sure that the children’s playrooms are safe and sound. Surprisingly detailed, thoughtful and smart, “What to Expect the New Toddler Years” is also invaluable to the seasoned parent because it guides you in the right direction during those first few years of raising children. Show you more than you might expect.

It doesn’t matter if you are an expecting mother or you simply want to know what to expect the toddler years to bring, the DVDs and eBook will answer all of your questions. You won’t find any bad information about parenting in the book, nor will you feel rushed through the information presented. All the material is presented in a very laid back, enjoyable tone so that even the most stodgy parent will be able to appreciate what is being presented.

When it comes to caring for a child, you will learn about nutrition, immunizations, bedding and clothing, baths, bath time, and even how to handle children who have medical problems. As a parent, you will learn about all of the basics and get a better idea of how you will go about the task of raising your child. It’s all right here in this book, and it doesn’t take up too much space.

There are a number of other books and DVDs that will teach you more about child rearing and parenting, but this one, for me, is my favorite because it has been tested and refined over the years. In particular, the book focuses on what to expect the toddler years to bring for your family.