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What is a Mobile Texas Notary Public? You may not have heard of it but it is one of the growing industries in Texas. A notary public is an expert witness on oath, who is empowered by the state to administer oaths or affirmations, take acknowledgments, take depositions, and give sworn statements in any litigation. They are also called upon to appear in the courts as an expert witness. A notary bond is imposed for notary publics. The purpose of this is to assure that not only does the notary have financial protection from liability, but also that they are protected in their work.

Mobile Texas notary public is not limited to his office. He or she can operate from a home office, if that is possible. The most common way to contact a notary public is through the Internet.

lakeway notary public

All licensed notary public must be fingerprinted. Fingerprinting is done by special equipment that holds the prints of the notary on paper. They must submit to a background check also. This ensures that they have not been convicted of crimes or shown to be psychologically incompetent.

There are two types of notary licenses – a general notary license and a business notary license. A general license is available to almost anyone wishing to notarize documents. Documents to notarize may include any type of legal documents. These could be deeds, mortgages, deeds of trust, powers of attorney, judgments, orders, promissory notes, open letters or other types of letters or documents. Documents notary can notarize need not be accompanied by a notary bond. A business notary license is available to notaries who business will use for the notary’s business.

To get a notary license, the applicant must pass a written notary exam. A notary bond must be given by a member of the notary public organization. Then notary public applicants have to pass a skill test and go through an ethics exam. In order to become licensed notary public must not be involved in criminal acts or have records of felonies.

Lakeway notary publics can not perform their duties satisfactorily without the services of a notary agent. This person has the same legal rights and obligations as a regular notary. Lakeway notary license costs $110 for a year. This fee is normally paid upfront, but it can be refunded if the notary violated the law. A notary license is valid for not more than four years.