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“Whale Watching Hervey Bay” is the name of the company that organizes a daily cruise to Hervey Bay, South Australia. The group’s boat, the “Jubilee”, runs out to False Island, which is the largest island in Australia, and has been nicknamed the ‘Aqua Capital of the World’.

Hervey Bay whales
Hervey Bay whales

“Whale Watching Hervey Bay” offers whale watch cruises and dolphin watch tours, and there is also a daily boat tour to Port Augusta. “Whale Watching Hervey Bay” is a company that specializes in providing pleasure cruises, whale viewing tours, and dolphin watching tours. “Whale Watching Hervey Bay” is based in Melbourne, Australia, and is the only company to have a vessel licensed by the Australian Maritime Authority. “Whale Watching Hervey Bay” also provides tours of Australia’s Pacific Coast and the Great Ocean Road. Their whale watching boats are available for rental.

“Whale Watching Hervey Bay” has a marine life research program, which is led by Dr. Ian MacDonald, a renowned marine ecologist. He works on the “Whale Project” and is an expert on the Australian humpback whales. He is also a member of “The Blue Fund”, which is a conservation organization founded by Paul Watson and Peter Jukes. He is the author of seven books about whales and their habitat. He is also a member of the International Whaling Commission.

Whale watching is a highly skilled art. “Whale Watching Hervey Bay” offers a variety of whale watching tours, from a day tour to a one week tour or more. The group provides a guided tour that will include information about the different types of whales and dolphins, as well as information about the whales and their habitats.

One of the features that make up the “Whale Watching Hervey Bay” tour includes an adventure through the False Island lagoon. The tour lasts just a few hours and includes an amazing view of the entire area. The tour includes an adventure through the Underwater Zoo and a visit to the Whale Research Center, where they can view the living whales and dolphins and learn about their environment. In between these two sections of the tour, you will see many of the smaller and rarest of the local wildlife. such as the wallabies and kangaroos. are seen by helicopter over the area and you can see the birds of paradise, and the Australian Outback.

False Island also hosts a number of other events such as the annual Dolphin Show, the Whalesong Festival, the largest ever held in the Southern Hemisphere, and a wide variety of festivals including the annual Whale Watch in Hervey Bay festival. There are plenty of fun activities and entertainment for tourists.