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water damage repair Los Angeles

Could the building be saved?

A meeting with all the Arc’s key people was called. Is the center restorable? Should we reduce and protect the building from further damage and contamination? Is a flooding over? Does the cleanup and repair exceed the importance of complete demo and starting over? After discussion with the directors of the business, the decision was made to attempt to save the building. The immediate action plan was going to reduce the humidity inside house, and get the mud and wet items out -fast. It was easier said than done, in this rural community that had suffered damage from one end of town to the other. The basics of large loss catastrophic restoration management all became very real, rapidly; manpower, fuel, food and water, dumpsters and other basics that are overlooked in suburban and city environments needed to be acquired as a way to scale up to meet the challenge of drying out and cleaning the building.

Calling in the soldiers

Within seconds of wrap up the decision getting together with, the phones were burning up down as calls gone out. A call was made to AMC High level, our partner with the dehumidifier power to dried a building this large fast. (For the repair guys who are already doing the dry away math, there was over 250, 000 cubic foot of space, class 2). They immediately deployed a tractor trailer loaded with 4 5000 cfm dessicant dehus from Philadelphia. Cleantec mobilized from the basic in Liverpool deploying 70 air movers, extractors, DUST air scrubbers, wet vacs, all surface cleaning put into action and other tools to get the job heading.

A call to ATSCO, our partners in Albany, Nyc, to bring in another 40 air movers was made and they delivered in less than 24 hours.