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vanity metrics

Kusmich explains it in this way. In business, there are essentially two golden rules. The first is that you need to give before you inquire. The next rule is that each and every step of the marketing process needs to be valuable in and of itself. Every step. Not just a couple of the steps. Each and every step of your sales funnel needs to provide real value.

The Way to Increase Your Attitude in a Few Minutes

Here is the question you will need to ask yourself. Even though it may seem as a blanket statement, there’s a 4-step technique for actually determining which sort of lead magnet you need to provide. Kusmich claims that it should stick to the S-A-G-E acronym. Here is how he breaks down this.

“S” stands for SHORT: it needs to be consumable quickly. We are speaking in 10 minutes or so.

“A” stands for ACTIONABLE: you need to spot the difference between insight and information. Insightful content tells the prospect what to do with the information that they’re being given so as to reach a very specific outcome.

“G” stands for GOAL-ORIENTED: The material ought to be goal-oriented. Everybody is searching for a solution. One that makes them closer to their objectives. If you are the one which presents them with the technical solution, they are likely to associate whatever progress they made with you. Naturally, that means they will return and spend money with you.

“E” stands for EASY: Everybody wants a simple solution. It needs to be simple. How can you determine if it is simple? If I were to provide this advice to an 8-year old, would they then use it to your own company?

Create the revenue mechanism.

The next step in your quest to generate money from your advertising is to make the revenue mechanism. Yes, I’m referring to the sale funnel. What is that mean? Simply this. It is the process of finding a prospect and bringing them in to your ecosystem to finally become a customer.