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Once one gets over the harsh memories of his first visit to Wietlwki, one can see more than enough reason to continue the journey. There are many stops along the way that can be remembered for many years to come. Some of these places are not as easy to describe and some of them are in fact quite difficult to describe in words. These are not the places in which we wish to visit, rather they are the ones that we will have to endure while we go through these extraordinary and unique landscapes.

The first stop on the Wietlwki journey is Wokowiec where the Crazy Bastard was born. I want to say that in this part of Poland there are no written or oral traditions. I want to say that the road out of Wwieni Strzele is straight and the bridges are not very dangerous in comparison to those in other parts of Poland. If you drive your car along the most remote roads of Poland you will experience the most incredible scenery. If you take this route on foot you will certainly experience the most spectacular vistas.

Świetlówki Liniowe

The next circuit is less well known than Wgraw Oberswielerów but is still worth taking a look at. Its longest route is also the shortest and its highest point is probably the highest point in Poland. It is a circuit called Błocie Smolenskiej that cross nine valleys, three long mountains and is surrounded by some other streams. It is a circuit that combines several different elements to create a magnificent cycling circuit with an outstanding historical background. Most of the climbs are about four hundred meters in height and are separated by very steep and technical descents.

Another circuit worth seeing is that of Arzewa. It was constructed in 1934 and is located between Wacieniec and Długo. It is one of the most complete circuit designs that are currently constructed. Its fastest descent is more than six kilometers. In this part of Poland there are no houses and it is surrounded by woods and farmland. It is connected to the rest of Poland only by bridges that are not too dangerous.

Once again another circuit that must be seen on the Wietlwki journey is Zonta. It is a very famous circuit in which cyclists go up and down a mountain together with the natives of the region. There are some very short descents as well as very steep climb that would keep even the most experienced cyclist off the track. If you follow the path up the mountain, you will find yourself in a beautiful valley that has lakes and plenty of berry bushes. In the valley you will also see many signs that indicate the path to the top.

Last but not least we have the last circuit that we will talk about. It is called Ela Krakowiat and it is located just east of Włodawica. It is not very well known outside of Poland but has to be one of the most beautiful cycling circuits that one could ever try.

These circuits were all built during the sixties and seventies and in fact the next circuit to be constructed is also the final circuit that the famous Włodawica Track will be constructed. Once this circuit is completed the Włodawica cycling route will be completely closed.