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Texas notary public application forms for mobile notary public application must be filled out and submitted online. It can be done at any Texas notary public office, on line or online. Online application can be sent via email or fax. If you prefer to do it personally, you may visit the Office of the Secretary of State in Austin, TX or any of the six mobile notary public service branches throughout Texas.

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Notary Austin Texas

You need to pay particular attention to rules and regulations about enrollment and licensing for each type of business you wish to start or operate within Texas. Mobile notary public applications are available from the state of Texas notary commission. Notary public forms are also available from various websites on the World Wide Web. Texas notary public application forms can be printed out and carried in your wallet or purse in case you need them.

Applying as a mobile notary public is quite easy. You can apply by mail, phone call or personally visit the office. In Austin, TX there are at least four public mobile notary commission offices, but most of the offices accept online applications. The offices generally require proof that you are an active U.S. citizen, that you have a valid Texas driver’s license and that you are at least eighteen years of age.

One-step application processing makes it quick and easy. The online applications make it convenient to become a mobile notary public. Once you complete your form, you will receive your notary card and instructions on how to use it. You can then travel to the county seat or other county offices where notary public services are being offered. Most of the states allow you to use the services at your own convenience.

The fees to become a notary public are not high. In fact, most of the states provide notary public applications for free or for a nominal charge. To become a notary public, you might want to join the NNSA (National Security notary).

The National Security notary provides its members with a certificate of completion, training and a notary bond. The NNSA offers seminars and workshops to help its members become mobile notaries. There is an online course on “Mobile Notary Marketing.” You can become a mobile notary at an affordable price, if you are ready to sign up and complete your application and pay a minimal fee.