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seo for electricians

So in case you run a web site about celebrity gossip, you should probably take note of this on your content calendar.

You can then be certain that you produce content on this issue in March each year.

(I know what you are thinking…this is a fairly obvious example, right? I mean, if you are running a celebrity gossip site, you have probably got this covered already.)

Here, you can observe a peak occurring roughly once a month.

Can you guess what search phrase this is?

But how can you adjust your articles calendar to account for this? Surely it would not make much sense to publish a new post about full moons each month, right?

Very true, but you might create 1 post then upgrade it with fresh information monthly.

This is what do with their whole moon calendar.

  1. Use “related questions” to locate NEW keyword thoughts (AND even STEAL company from your competitors)

Google Trends can disclose the questions people also search for when they search for your term.

By way of instance, people looking for “shoes” also tend to look for “Nike” and “Adidas.”

Does this provide a terrific opportunity to find more key words (i.e, those you may not have already thought of), in addition, it can help you to better understand the needs of your prospective customer and their “search travel.”

However, you can also go 1 step further by locating the associated searches for the related searches.

But do not stop there.

You could even take the questions suggested by Google Trends and use them as seed key words in Keywords Explorer. This will give you more keyword ideas.

There it is possible to apply search filters for Search Volume and Keyword Difficulty (KD) to discover some real gems.

6.Google Trends allows you to determine where (i.e., nation, town, subregion, or subway) a search query is the most popular.

Let us see where in the US space heaters are widely desired.

Ut how do you use this information?

Here are just a couple of thoughts:

Goal these areas with PPC (i.e., AdWords) — Do not waste money targeting all of the US on Google AdWords.