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Home maintenance expensive enough without high utility costs, so we’ve assembled this guide that will help you save on your electricity bills. For most, it is as straightforward as assessing the windows in your house and finishing a few DIY tasks. However, some homes require more complicated work on windows to bring them to energy efficient standing, in which case we have also included some tips about the best way best to employ a window professional.

Window Styles: Everything You Will Need to Know

It’s important to understand a few things about windows until you can start any project. First, windows can be made from a number of distinct kinds of material, which will determine some of your choices. Here are just four of the most popular choices:2

Along with window materials, you need to be aware of the different window layout options you have. If you’re planning on swapping out your windows to get new ones which are the exact same, style does not matter. But if you’re looking for a change in design, you’ve got loads of choices.If you reside in a HOA community, ensure that your new windows are compliant before making any changes. If you reside in a historic home, you might not be permitted to replace your windows, so do some research ahead to be certain you’ll have the ability to finish your job as planned.

Not sure if it’s time to care for your windows? Search for these signs:2

Sagging windows

Noticeable temperature difference Facing window

A complete replacement is often best left to get a specialist, but there are lots of improvements you can do to minimize the amount of energy lost through your windows. Let’s begin!

Caulking and weather stripping can be an easy weekend project. Use weather stripping to insulated portions of the window which move. All you need is caulk and a caulk gun, which should not cost more than $5-10.

Covering your windows with vinyl can reduce the amount of heat lost during the warmer months. Vinyl window film can be bought at any major hardware store. The instructions are easy and all you need is a hair drier to make sure a strong seal.