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Sarah Hardy is a New Zealand based artist who offers plastic surgery in Auckland. Her work includes the dramatic and very colorful characters in the tattoo world such as Lady Gaga, Nicole Kidman, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, among others. She is also a prolific designer of jewelry that many people will recognize. For anyone interested in either lip piercing or metallic work they will appreciate her work.

Sarah Hardy cosmetic tattoo artist
Professional dermaplaning

One of her more interesting and unusual projects is the lip piercings, which she was the first to offer in Auckland. Although originally only available in Auckland, they now have branches all over the world, so are available in most major cities. These piercings are used for anything from weddings to party themes.

With the current World Cup in India, Sarah has decided to provide kits for lip piercings at her website and have them made by a qualified individual from Afghanistan in Pakistan, whom she personally knows and respects. The cost of the piercing kit is a nominal fee and Sarah goes to great lengths to ensure that all is done with the utmost respect for the body and privacy and bodily integrity.

It is definitely worth it’s time to select one of her services. In her online gallery you can view some of her fabulous works, some of which are often discussed and written about by friends and associates. So even if you don’t live in Auckland you should consider having a custom lip piercing, in Auckland or elsewhere.

Micropigmentation for eyebrows is another service that she offers. Here she embarks on the process of injecting pigments into your skin, which will then be passed through your hair, helping to make your brows look fuller and thicker.

The artist can also do this and take the time to get as close to perfect as possible. Again you would benefit from having her work done in a location of your choice, as well as being confident in what your future looks like. Be sure to let her know what you want, as she will have some ideas.

With so many different kinds of facial implants and work, micropigmentation for eyebrows is not something new, but is something that Sarah has added to her repertoire of services. It is one of her most popular options as well as being well known for its excellent results and a long-lasting finish.