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“NYC Rock Cut and Marble” Stone Repair, polishing, honing and restoration services is one of the many professional services that we offer for our customers. “Stone Repair” is a specialized field in stone restoration and polishing. “Rock Cut” is the process of cutting through a layer of sand or limestone and then honing or polishing it to its finest detail. The “Marble” process involves cutting a marble from the same piece of rock that we are restoring.

“Stone Repair” technicians have over forty years experience working in both residential and commercial restoration projects. Our technicians are skilled craftsmen and are trained in state-of-the art techniques.

“Rock Cut” Stone Repair technicians work with stone by cutting the stone to its smallest possible piece. Then, the repair technician will clean it carefully of all dirt and then use a rotary tool to cut out the edges. We use our equipment, that is equipped with multiple blades to accomplish this task quickly and accurately. After this is complete, we’ll apply a special finish that gives it a polished look.

“Stone Repair” technicians also restore and polish marble. When they begin their work, they inspect the surface of the stone and if needed they’ll remove it and clean it thoroughly. We use a high quality of polishing chemical that seals the marble and prevents cracks from forming. Then, the repair technician polishes the surface, polishes the tiles and reapplies a sealer to the entire surface.

“Marble” marble repair technicians use the same process as our stone repair technicians in the “Rock Cut” method. However, they polish the marble using an epoxy chemical. This makes the marble shine as good as new.

“Stone Repair” professionals have more experience than our other service providers. If you are in need of marble restoration and polishing services, contact one of our stone repair technicians today. to discuss your project and ask any questions you may have. about our stone restoration and polishing services.

Professional restoration specialists are trained in all types of stone repair and polishing. They have the equipment necessary to perform various processes on stone such as refinishing and restoration. These specialists will also be able to provide information on the various types of stones used for building projects and stone repairs.

Our stone restoration specialists have extensive experience working on the restoration and polishing of many different types of stones. Their expertise, training and equipment to allow them to work on many types of stone including marble, granite, slate, travertine and limestone. and slate.

For more information regarding our stone repair and restoration services, contact one of our stone restoration specialists today. for information on all of our restoration services.