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picket fence Knoxville TN


There is much to recommend vinyl fencing. It’s manufactured in a selection of styles, with decorative post caps to suit, and there is now a greater assortment of colours and finishes to select from. Perhaps the most attractive aspect is that you don’t have to repaint vinyl. A hard-wearing substance, it will not warp, splinter, rot, split or blister. And it is easy to clean; dirt can be washed away using just a nozzle and sponge (or a pressure washer). Though vinyl may initially be more expensive than wood, it is less costly over time.

There are naturally negatives to know about. Dozens of styles are available, but design options aren’t infinite with vinyl fencing, and its plastic look isn’t everyone’s favorite.

It is tough stuff, to be certain, but vinyl can break–under high winds, as an instance, or upon impact from a well-struck soccer ball. Minor damage (cracks, holes, and so forth) is mended with body filler followed by sanding and re-painting. More extensive damage may demand a replacement element, so if and when you install vinyl fencing, then hang on to some spare parts. If your fence design is stopped, that could mean you are out of luck.

The building of plastic fencing is more complex than might be anticipated. Rails are attached with specialized brackets or crimping tools, and articles should often be reinforced with concrete or metal stiffeners.

Last but not least, it is important to remember that vinyl is usually considered environmentally unfriendly. Toxins are produced in its manufacture, and the substance is hard to recycle.


Some are “restricted” or “co-extruded” with a coating of PVC. And while multiple elements are usually required, in some cases construction is very similar to that of a timber fence. Common to all is that they are made out of recycled fibers, plastics, and binding agents.

Because of manufactured textures and colours, composite fencing simulates wood more efficiently than vinyl does, but if you decide on a solid colour, there are fewer choices among composites. Like vinyl, composite fences need no painting or discoloration, and their low maintenance requirements are easily cared for–just mild detergent and a hose are necessary for cleaning. Durable and frequently backed by guarantee, composite fencing is constructed, not with specific brackets, but with conventional fasteners.