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Additional dishonourable mentions

Let’s see… passenger pick-up/drop-off fees, lack of natural lighting, lack of employees generally, and each toilet for 200 meters being closed for cleaning concurrently.

So what aspects would make an wonderful airport? Well, I have done some feasibility study and I have come up with what I think are some suggestions that are practical.

Water fountains, ice and coffee machines each 50 feet.

Showers that are not outrageously priced.

A local history and cultural center, with food court, so individuals with long layovers can find a flavor of the destination despite the fact that they never left the airport.

Responsive TSA, meaning when lines get long more channels open up immediately.

Sun deck.

A 15-minute shoulder massage and a cupcake for each 2 hours that your departure is delayed.

Rather than moving slides.

Petting zoo with balloon creature sculptor.

No structure, ever.

Personal GPS devices for each passenger, that reveal exactly where everything is and incremental instructions on the best way best to get there quickest.

Do away with the airplanes all together and instal an individual pneumatic tube system.

Franchises Available? No

Online Operation? No

Not unlike a limo, taxi or courier service, the most significant challenge to overcome in establishing a airport shuttle service would be to get an operator’s license. An operator’s permit can be tricky to acquire through local authorities channels in most regions of the country, and quite expensive if you intend to buy one from an existing shuttle services. However, it is certainly not impossible to get an operator’s license to get a shuttle service, and it may be well worth the effort. An airport shuttle service can be a very lucrative business to own and operate. Marketing a shuttle service is best accomplished by building partnerships and alliances with companies and local companies that can give you customers, like hotels, tour operators, travel agents, and massive corporations.