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Doug Ebenstein, who has been a real estate developer in New York City for the last twenty years, started a business that would become known as “Newmark Douglas Associates,” or “Newmark Douglas Developers.” The “Newmark Douglas” name was chosen because it represented both Doug and his wife Lisa. The company was started in 2020 and became one of the biggest development companies in New York.

Real Estate Development Firm  Douglas Doug Ebenstein
Real Estate Development Firm – Douglas ‘Doug’ Ebenstein

In 2020 Jonathan Mather, was hired by the company to be the president of the development firm. In the past few years, he has worked hard to keep Newmark Douglas a very respected company with a good reputation for helping people buy homes. Since its beginning, Newmark Douglas has developed properties all over the world and has a good reputation.

Over the past few years, Doug and Lisa have expanded their company to include many other locations, including Arizona and Ohio. This is great for anyone interested in buying a house in New York. There are also many developers in other states, but Newmark Douglas has had the largest growth in popularity over the last two decades.

Many people want to work with Jonathan Mather. He knows all about New York real estate and the market here. He has worked with the government in various projects in New York and knows how the rules apply to real estate in New York City. His work with the government is second to none and makes him well worth having on a team.

Jonathan Mather is not just another developer. He has been a developer for twenty-two years and has a reputation that is second to none. When he first started, he was involved with several different projects and has worked for some of the biggest companies in the city.

It looks like Doug Ebenstein and Jonathan Mather have finally made the leap from private property to real estate development. They have several buildings in their portfolio that are ready to move into and are opening new properties all over the country. The next time someone is looking for a real estate developer, they need look no further than Newmark Douglas.

Doug Ebenstein is very serious about his company and has a long standing reputation for building top notch projects for people. He is dedicated to ensuring that every client is happy with his building and happy enough to stay with him for years to come. This is why he wants Jonathan Mather on the team.

Doug Ebenstein knows all about the New York real estate market and understands how it works. He has been a developer for the past twenty-five years and understands what it takes to succeed in the industry. He also knows how to sell a building and get someone to sign a mortgage on it. Newmark Douglas has been able to get these two things done and is ready to move forward with more.

Now that the team is together, it looks like Newmark Douglas will be able to grow into even bigger projects. Doug Ebenstein will continue to make his clients happy and stay with them for years to come.