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Port Moody realtor and Coquihalla real estate agent Marcus and Monica are an incredible couple. They love everything Tri Cities including all of the great restaurants, shopping, entertainment, art galleries, sporting events, historic homes, etc. “Marcus and Monica are also considered some of the most influential realtor’s in the area. “They also work with a variety of different homeowners.

In their role as Port Moody and Coquihalla real estate agents, Marcus and Monica are committed to finding you the right property for your needs. Marcus is a trained Realtor, while Monica has been a Realtor for over five years. They have a wide range of properties available from single family homes to multi-family properties.

Marcus and Monica started out as a real estate broker before they bought their own home. After several years working as a Realtor, they decided to purchase their first home. This became the start of the amazing partnership between Marcus and Monica and they have remained friends ever since.

Marcus is the real estate agent for all of the real estate properties in Coquihalla, BC. The city is situated along the Gulf of Mexico and is one of the most popular places to live in the country. A large number of families like the beach and the ocean. They also love the surrounding mountains and forests for their backyards.

Marcus grew up in Port Moody and has worked with many different families in his life. He is well versed in dealing with real estate buyers and finding them the best property possible. His job is to represent any kind of realtor so that he can get the most from any purchase that is made.

Marcus is committed to the work that he does and wants to make sure that everyone that comes to him gets the best deal possible. If you are interested in hiring a Port Moody and Coquihalla realtor you can always ask for information about his or her skills by visiting the website below. It will give you more information on Marcus and Monica.

Marcus and Monica are both very open about their background with the Port Moody and Coquihalla Realty Association. If you want to join the association, you should definitely visit their website. The PMRRA is committed to helping people find the right home for their needs and helping people through any of their problems that may arise.

Marcus and Monica have always been happy to share their knowledge with everyone that comes to them. They do everything that they can to be helpful and make things easier for everyone. If you are interested in hiring a realtor in Port Moody and Coquihalla, you should definitely contact Marcus and Monica.

Marcus and Monica have been working for the past fourteen years in the area and are very familiar with the different kinds of houses that are available. They work hard at finding the perfect home that is suited to your needs. When you are searching for a new home, you will be amazed at how much Marcus and Monica knows about the different kinds of homes that are available to purchase.