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When dads are retired with children, they may have the typical picnic wear dad hats. However, having a more modern style can be fun to make and, they do make great gifts for the elderly.

You will need to find a place to put your custom hats. Once you’ve figured out where you will be putting them, look for fabric that will keep them from getting ruined by your children. Fabric is a wonderful material to work with, but I would suggest that you use denim for this project. While it’s not the most durable fabric, denim can endure wear and tear better than other fabrics and it is also quite easy to find.

To make your dad hat, cut three rectangular shapes out of denim that are larger than your hat. Get four round shapes from the fabric and glue them together in the middle. Use your child’s fabric and cut them out to make a triangle. Make the head look like a horseshoe, but make sure that it looks right for the size of the hat. This will make the head look bigger when you take it off later.

Take the rectangular edges of the denim around the edges of the triangle and fold the edge in half. Pin in place and sew around the edge, but don’t sew across the bottom so that the seams will be hidden. Start the arms by taking a long piece of denim and fold it in half. Pin it in place and sew it down in one piece. This is the foundation for the arms of your new custom dad hat.

Sew the arms down to the sides of the triangle and turn the triangle over. Cut out the legs and make a design with the denim so that it fits tightly. Sew the leg into place, but leave enough fabric left for the second side to be attached later. Bring the remaining pieces together and stitch them down and then trim the excess. The result should look something like this:

Now, bring the triangle together to form the top of your dad hat. When you are finished, you should have a fairly wide band of denim around the edges of the hat and the fabric needs to stretch evenly. Put the hat on and hold it up to the light, but not too much so that it makes a big shadow. It should look a little like a baggy tee shirt and not that far off from the shape of a polo shirt. Start to pull the fabric towards you, but don’t pull it all the way to the back.

Take some time to play with the edges of the father hat and look at it. If you want, you can glue it together to make a full piece. If you just want to add a few different features, you can have that done at the same time. I hope that you found this article useful and you will use it to your advantage. Making Dad Hats has been one of my favorite hobbies ever since my dad started to enjoy making them as well.