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When it comes to painting the interior of your house, Surrey is one of the best places to look as there are many leading painters that can provide excellent and original paintings. Here you will find some of the leading painters Surrey, all of which provide outstanding work.

If you wish to have a painting done in the style of classical Victorian designs then this area is ideal as there is a wide range of studios that can provide you with a homely and traditional feeling. The buildings of the city are typically made of stone or brick and there are some very impressive churches within the area, as well as the city’s museums and galleries. If you are looking for a more modern feel than look no further than Studio Seven, a Bristol based painting studio, for its wide array of contemporary paintings.

If you would like something more contemporary then look no further than the studio of Richard Skelton, another Bristol based painting studio, for its great collection of modern paintings. If you are looking for something to brighten up a room then Studio 9 will offer you an assortment of bright colourful paintings. If you are looking for something that will compliment a piece of art you already have then you should take a look at the studio of David Oates who has a large selection of abstract paintings.

Another studio in the area is Studio 6 by Joann, an established painting studio that has a wide range of paintings to choose from. If you wish to add something a little different to the home then Studio 6 has a number of unique paintings available to choose from, such as a selection of Japanese paintings and some modern art. You will also find some very interesting examples of traditional art from other countries and this studio is open to the public. There are also many of the paintings that you will find in the other leading painters in Surrey as well as contemporary paintings for those wishing to buy contemporary pieces.

The styles of painting that are offered by these studios will suit all artistic tastes. If you are looking to purchase something to brighten up the interior of your home, then you should visit Studio 9 in West London for its eclectic range of modern and traditional paintings, which include some really unusual pieces, such as abstract paintings. If you are looking for something more traditional then you should take a look at the studio of Peter Oakes, which has a large collection of Victorian paintings.

There are many other studios in the area that will provide you with the right type of paintings for your home. For example, if you wish to brighten up your home or add some colour to your garden then you should visit Studio 12 on London’s Regent Street. or the studios of Peter and Joanna Oakes, which are located within the heart of Kensington Palace.