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MySiteAuditor diminished the choices on a free trial signup page from six to a andsaw a 25% leap in their conversion rate.

Use gated videos

You can even set the shape to appear in time using a verbal CTA.

When Wistia bought Facebook ads to send visitors to their video campaigns (purchased at $1-2 per click), they found an 11% increase in free trial conversions.

Make excellent articles downloadable in exchange for an email

Quoteroller produced a list of search engine optimization directories in Australia, which was getting 800+ visits per month but was not generating leads.

After adding an option to download the article in a PDF format in exchange for an email address, the article surfaced at five new leads daily and has led to 200 new email subscribers up to now.

Whatever you may call it, your “about” or “staff” page is quite important to your company. This is where folks see who you are and what you are about. It’s also a wonderful spot to have a call to action.

Jen Havice composed this whopper of a article about the best way best to generate leads on your page. She suggests including a good value proposition in your headline and dividing copy into manageable chunks, in addition to having a very clear idea of where you would like people to go next so you can direct them with a persuasive CTA

Blog always (really do it)

This one’s older — we understand by now that blogging is effective for generating leads.

Goodbye Crutches is an online store for knee scooters and other accessories to help remove the need for crutches. They were fighting to drive traffic and sales through conventional advertising.

They put together a content program for six months, blogging each and every day.

But remember that when you’ve built up the visitors to your site, your work isn’t done. Your readers have self-selected as being interested in everything you have to give, but they are not on your list.

Make the next step simple for them by incorporating relevant CTAs to your blog articles. Unbounce does this nicely, with CTAs targeted to each of the blog categories. If a reader is interested in a PPC blog article, odds are they’ll be interested in the ebook too — and eager to enter their email address in exchange for this.

If you’re looking for ways to leverage your blogging efforts to drive prospects, this report is a superb place to start.