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Latex Mattress Store Johns Creek GA

Both pure latex and latex are extremely high quality materials. 100% SBR (artificial) latex does not ordinarily have the exact same elasticity, performance or quality as blended or natural latex but will still outperform many other foams. While I’d be cautious in picking it over latex which has a higher proportion of natural rubber or an all natural latex version, the cost advantages in comparison to more natural latex can make it an attractive alternative as well and it is a higher quality material than most polyfoam. Additionally, there are some newer mainly synthetic constant pour Dunlop latex materials which are promising and are being made in softer models than you’d usually find with Dunlop latex. The two Talalay and Dunlop latex are acceptable for use in either support or comfort layers and which one is used depends upon the general structure of the mattress and personal taste. While they are different, one isn’t better or more suitable than another. They’re also both suitable for use as either a comfortable layer or service layer in combination with any other good excellent material or component although I’d be cautious if there’s more than around an inch or so of polyfoam above any latex comfort layers since this might be a weak link in a mattress. There’s more about latex support cores in this guide and much more about latex comfort layers in this report.

Its down side of course is that it may also be more costly than other types of foam however with some shopping around and with the support of the forum along with the resources on this site … latex can be bought for far less than the so called latex mattresses which are sold by many big manufacturers.

Be aware that lots of retail outlets will tag a mattress as being a latex mattress if it’s as little as 1″ of latex in its structure. This is totally misleading and is simply an attempt to make the most of the known advantages of latex as a selling point although there might not be adequate latex at the mattress to create a real difference. Just a mattress with a latex center should really be called a “latex mattress” and even here the sort of comfort layer ought to be recognized in the “class name” given to the mattress. In general terms a mattress must always be recognized by both the most important material in its core and in its own relaxation layers. This sort of misinformation is often not an “injury” and a few salespeople will “insist” that a mattress is made from latex as it only has an extremely thin, and probably moot coating.