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Knoxville fence

Next, follow the exact same procedure for adding the top planks, but this time be sure that these boards are flat. Attach with 2-inch screws. If you discover that any of your articles are irregular, simply trim off the tops using a reciprocating saw. This permits your fence to incline with the floor while giving the appearance of being flat.

Finally, step between the top and bottom boards for all your 1×4 post covers and attach them with a brad nailer and 2-inch brad nails.

Construct a gate

When planning out your fence, decide the number of gates you will want and distance your 4x4s for gate openings so. For every gate opening, add a 2×4 into the interior of every 4×4 post using 3-inch exterior screws. These 2x4s will maintain your gate.

For gates measuring 36-inches wide by 46-inches large (pictured), you’ll have to space out your 4x4s 39.25-inches broad to accommodate the gate. For each gate, then cut two 36-inch segments for the top and bottom of two and gate 42.25-inch segments for the sides. Lay pieces out on a level surface and determine they’re square.

With an angle finding tool, locate angle for first diagonal cross piece. You might also do so without using an angle-finding tool by placing an extra 2×4 diagonally through the gate rectangle and marking the angles using a pencil. Cut the angles using a miter saw. Attach a long diagonal bit to the gate rectangle using 3-inch exterior screws driven in at angle to the gate frame.

Determine the angles for both additional cross pieces. These can attach to the center diagonal piece.

Paint the gates and add fencing into the back.

Attach the gate hardware, hinges and latch to the gate and into the 2×4 from the gate opening. Hang the gate and add a 2×4 scrap to the interior bottom of gate opening to stop overswing, which might damage the hinges.

And that is it! Now you can enjoy your new garden fencing for several years to come.

While many homeowners might think fence installation is one of the simpler DIY projects, it might not be as straightforward as you think. There are many things that enter fence installation, including licenses, guidelines, utility lines, materials, fence types and absolute strength for installing pole holes. While hiring a professional can save you money and time, certain property owners love a challenge. Before installing your next fence, make certain to read our fence installation hints.

Please be aware that fence installation largely depends upon your fence type. For more detailed directions, please visit our fence cost estimators.