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In this article we are going to look at what makes Kartra a better choice than ClickFunnels when it comes to creating an ecommerce site. We will look at the differences between the two as well as how they compare when it comes to creating a successful online sales experience for a business.

Kartra vs ClickFunnels

The first difference between these two SaaS platforms is what they are primarily used for. Kartra is more of an all-in-one software package which has everything that you need for making a successful online sales experience and this is what I personally prefer to use. However ClickFunnels on the other hand is designed around a set of easy-to-use sales funnel templates that you can then easily upgrade to as necessary.

Kartra sales funnels are specifically designed to be easier to work with than most other sales funnels out there today, while also being very user friendly. This is due in part to the fact that there are many templates available that allow you to customize each one and make them fit your specific business and product line so that you are able to create an easy to use sales process for your potential customers.

One difference between Kartra and ClickFunnels however is that ClickFunnels allows you to use customizations inside of their software which allows you to customize your sales funnel with ease and without having to learn any complicated programming skills. This can make it quite difficult to have the ability to build an effective sales funnel if you are using some kind of software like this.

Kartra on the other hand allows you to customize your funnel with the simple click of a button, and this is one thing that I actually really appreciate about the way that it works. It saves me time and energy by allowing me to simply download the template and customize it to fit my own company and product line.

The final difference is one that I don’t think anyone will really care to look at because in the end it is a matter of preference, but it is worth mentioning because it can really make a huge difference in how much money you are willing to spend when purchasing an all-in-one software like Kartra. Kartra is designed to work more like a traditional software where you install it onto your own website, and then you are able to easily build an account to begin building your business online. while using the all-in-one template to build your website.