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“Trash King” is a bin rental company which provides affordable bins and dumpsters to commercial customers in Vancouver’s Greater Victoria region. We provide flexible monthly or annual rental arrangements ranging from one to ten days.

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We carry a large selection of dumpsters, such as 12, 16, 24, 32, and 48-yard dumpsters, as well as single-load and double-load bins. We carry a variety of recycled products and recyclables, such as wood, paper, plastic, aluminum, cans, bottles, glass, and metals. We carry heavy-duty construction, demolition, as well as commercial construction equipment.

Garbage that we collect is brought to our facility, either by road or by sea, by our garbage trucks. When we receive the garbage, we clean and sanitize it before shipping it to the customers, or by our truck rental companies.

Garbage that we take to our customers’ locations includes: paper, wood, plastic, tin cans, metal, cans, bottles, glass, and cans that are broken or need repair. If you want your garbage collected from your home, you may want to consider a trash can rental in Vancouver, B.C., BC.

Garbage pickup Vancouver will take your garbage from any address in your area. There are many different locations in the city to choose from:

Garbage picked up at all areas are collected and stored in large and open-air dumpsters located in residential and commercial areas in Vancouver. Many garbage companies will deliver the garbage to the residence of the customers. The only cost of the garbage bin rental Vancouver is the charge for their services. You will find that there are many companies that do both residential and commercial garbage pickup in Vancouver BC.

Garbage pickup Vancouver is a great way to recycle when you don’t have enough time to pick up the waste yourself. Garbage bins are great resources when it comes to reducing waste. It is important to have the proper recycling bin, so you will know where your waste goes. After you place your garbage in the garbage container, you will be able to see how much trash is left, and you can know if you need to pick up more garbage.

Bins are a great place to store trash that has not been used for several years. Bins allow you to dispose of old food containers and plastic containers, which are no longer in use. For example, you can put all of your plates that have been sitting in the sink for years and throw them into a recycling bin.

Most garbage bins come equipped with a locking lid and security features to keep the contents safe while they are in the bin. Some bins are made with locking lids, while others are equipped with self-closing lids.

If you need to keep your garbage in a bit longer than a few weeks, you can also buy a garbage can liner to protect your bin and the contents from damage. Bins are an economical way to store your waste.