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fence companies Knoxville TN

A fence may bring you safety and add value to your dwelling.

It was only when I purchased a new home in a nice, small new home community that I found life with a wooden privacy fence — as well as the upkeep that includes it.

I like my small backyard with its rugged trees and pretty flowerbeds that invite a great deal of birds and butterflies to go to, but mowing the grass? But, I do enjoy the feeling of being in my own little world that comes from using a privacy fence.

But a fence may also make your lawn feel like an extension of your dwelling. It can offer a safe place for kids and pets to playwith, for family and friends to gather for special events and for displaying your gardening and landscaping efforts.

“The first issue consumers will need to think about is the reason they would like to put in a fence,” said Santo Pernicano, president of the American Fence Association (AFA) and a Certified Fence Professional (CFP) and proprietor of SLP Development, Inc. at Tuttle, Okla. “Figuring out the reason behind the fence contributes to another question: How much are you willing to spend on it? Prices to put a fence up may vary, depending on how much space has to be enclosed along with the substances to be used, among other things.”

Fortunately, homeowners can choose from a huge selection of materials that best fit their finances, property and way of life. (One caveat, however: If you reside in a neighborhood with a homeowners association, be certain to consult your HOA’s rules regarding installing, repairing or replacing a fence for any particular actions or requirements in your part.)

Fence Materials

Wood fences appear to be everywhere nowadays. They are relatively inexpensive to set up (depending on the sort of wood) and deliver a warm and traditional decorative to your house and neighborhood. Wooden privacy fences are a popular choice, especially in newer areas, but other design options include the traditional picket fence or, for larger properties, the post and rail fence.