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fence companies Knoxville TN

Wooden Fences

The first and the simplest kinds of fencing styles is using timber, because it’s regarded as the cheapest materials which may be used to make fences for houses. Together with sturdiness, wooden fences can be painted to protect them from weather and damage, and they seem brightly natural in gardens and backyards.

Picket Fences: They’re easy 4 to 5 ft. tall enclosures, which can be constructed around a rear or front yard. Since they are shorter in size, they do not quite offer privacy, but define the home boundaries.

Aside from the pattern of setting the wooden bits, there’s very little difference between them both.

Chain Link Fences

They are usually one of the ones that are stronger, and are used for a variety of purposes. They consist of a net of string links, and have a sharp upper edge so that crossing them can be prevented.