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Why we like this trend: From simple stripes to mad customized patterns, geometric shapes can provide only the personality your website may be lacking. They’re also ideal for replicating throughout your marketing efforts, such as on business cards or in email layouts.

3D design

Even if the vast majority of your users are not wearing VR headsets however, adding some 3D facets to your website is 1 way to remain on the leading edge of design this season. It’s also a wonderful chance to design your way through a challenge — perhaps you could integrate some VR components while still creating an exceptional and useful website for standard users.

Incorporating 3D design in your website is still so fresh and new as long as it does not hinder user experience, you can not actually do it wrong. We are all in this together to find the best practices when designing for another dimension.

Typography imagery

When you consider a particular font, your mind probably jumps to how it seems as body copy or a homepage headline. This year, break out of the mold and think of every character and letter as it’s own layout component — what can they become? 2017 is filled with designers experimenting with typography as desktop components, illustrative bits, and supporting website elements.

Why we like this tendency: Typographic vision lets you completely unleash your illustrative imagination. By opening up the possibilities for a character to be more than just a part of a block of text, then you are breaking out of the box and finding new ways to use typography so as to customize your website.

We will dive into each of these trends (and seven more!) We are giving you the resources daily that will assist you do it!

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