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Chicago waterproofing

Rough Surface Roller — If you need to use a roller, then go with a heavy nap (3/4″ or bigger). This should help get paint into the tiny holes in the concrete. Do not skimp on paint. Lay it on thick and utilize at least two coats, more if you’ve got the spare paint.


From a finished basement that is soaked to an unfinished basement with persistent leaks or dampness — water isn’t a friend to your dwelling.

If you have experienced leaking walls, floors or cracks in your home’s basement, it is likely you want the support of an experienced basement waterproofing contractor to devise a cellar remedy.

However, you’ll quickly find that there are various alternatives in basement waterproofing repairs or systems designed to attack the issue, in addition to opinions about which is the best.

What is the water getting in the cellar?

If you are discovering water in your basement, then exploring the solution should begin outside your dwelling.

The grade of dirt around the base should encourage water to flow away from outside walls, not toward them.

Basement windows should also be be above ground-level and analyzed to make sure they have a watertight seal.

“Maintenance, upkeep, upkeep,” states Bill Sackenheim of Jaco Waterproofing in Fairfield, Ohio. “Keep gutters clean, downspouts away from the home, don’t construct mulch beds up too high – maintain water flowing away from the home as far as you can.”

It’s a substantial investment to hire a contractor to do basement waterproofing: minor repairs can cost as little as $300 to $500, but more intricate systems may cost as high as $2,000 to $20,000 depending on the issue and how much space it affects.

That is why it’s important to get several quotes from other companies. And bear in mind that some rival basement waterproofing businesses prefer to rely on sales strategies, not quality repairs, to get customers.

“You need a company that makes a comprehensive evaluation of the inside and outside the house,” states Matthew Stock of U.S. Waterproofing in Chicago. “If they are only looking at one issue, as opposed to the entire image, that should be a red flag.”