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buying foreclosed property

  1. Set the stage

“Stagers can help you arrange your furniture, and they can bring in only a couple pieces that accentuate the advantages of your house,” Kathryn Bishop, Realtor with Keller Williams Realty in Studio City, California, says.

32. Lighting can be just as important as furniture feng shui in regards to attracting homebuyers.

33. “Repainting (or washing) front door and pressure cleaning the sidewalks and driveway are also easy tasks that offer eye-catching results.”

  1. Find a location for Fido

Sure, your pet is cute and all, but you will want your pets from the home during any showings.

  1. Deodorize

“Homeowners become odor blind and do not realize how strong odor is to homebuyers,” he says. “The house should smell clean and fresh, not perfumed and not like cats, dogs, cigarette smoke, old furniture, mothballs, mould, old food, gym or just plain stale.”

  1. De-personalize


Pack away those private pictures and mementos. “Eliminating these items helps buyers envision themselves in the house,” Phillips says.


  1. De-clutter


That goes past offloading some surplus furniture and your image words. Bottom line: It is time to put those books, toys, video games and sculptures away.


  1. Detach


“Sellers are often emotionally attached to their houses, which can be natural,” Lahav says. “However, they need to bear in mind that any possible buyer is looking at it with no psychological aspect that the owner has for his own property.”




“They ought to look roomy,” Max says.


  1. And your drawers


“We all say that one day we’ll enter all of the rooms and drawers and throw out plenty of old things,” Lahav says. “Selling your home is the ideal time to do it.”


  1. Start packing


You’re going to need to do it sooner or later.


  1. Store


You don’t need to junk all your possessions — or prevent decluttering just because you do not want to part with your old”Buffy the Vampire Slayer” box sets. Consider renting a storage out space or keeping some things over at a friend’s or family member’s location as you’re attempting to sell.