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bosch ddb181-02

This specific HDS181-02 version has over 100 customer testimonials who speed this on average at 4.7 out of 5 stars, which is marginally higher than their very best selling product which I’ve shown above.

Again this is an 18 volt Li-Ion battery and if you purchase this one you’ll get two of those batteries together with the drill.

It’s a drill which has variable speed. Like most in the Bosch range that is built as a rugged design which means it works well for builders and professionals and can stand up to abuse.

The housing is constructed of a composite so that it won’t crack or break if you drop it by accident.

This one is much newer to the market place so there aren’t quite as many testimonials available just yet.

This drill is small, light and compact but packed with power that is the reason why users really enjoy this product. The clasp on this one is great and it comes with an LED light so as you can see the work area in case you happen to be in dark or restricted spaces, and that’s always helpful.

It’s an 1/2″ keyless chick, 2-speeds and 18 clutch settings so perfect for a complete range of drilling jobs.

This is about $140 and is a fantastic selling product. There are loads of reviews for this product and they give it an average of 4.6 out of 5 stars that yet again is a really good rating by any criteria.

Like the others this is an 18 volt merchandise which can pack loads of power.

Like the others this has a excellent rugged design which makes it suitable for carrying tons of use. Bosch have taken care to makes their exercises lightweight and compact and yet retain loads of power when you need it.

As I mentioned before this is the newer version of this DDS180. It’s more expensive though at about $180 but you do get more value for the money.

This one includes a solid storage box that’s an fantastic product.

The storage container is part of a larger storage system which Bosch designed since it allows contractors to pile power tools together with one another for easy storage.

They call this the L-BOXX system so if you’re a professional or contractor this is a excellent way of storing tools such as this drill on your van or lorry.

When you get this drill it comes fully charged. Additionally, it has a flash light to it and it’s silent when in use.

This DDB180-02 version is again in the higher end of the purchase price point range and you can get it, depending on where you buy it, for approximately $200. This is a true lightweight drill weighing in at 3 pounds so no danger of arm or hand fatigue when using this one.

Additionally, it has an LED light, includes two batteries at 18 volts each and a carrying case. This one has a 15 position clutch which will keep you from stripping screw heads and it’s a drill which feels really great to use. It has 2 speeds, is nicely balanced and light and nice.

The case has plenty of space to hold drill bits and other accessories that is handy.

This version costs around $180 and this one is quite new so not a massive number of reviews to go on. Of those who are there they speed this 4.2 out of 5 stars so this is the cheapest rated drill at the top 10 list. Now 4.2 is still a very good score but it remains lower than all the others.

With lots of the others the cost is a bit lower and you might find a little extra too. With this model it employs a brushless motor and that’s in essence why this one costs more.