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Today, BlueSnap, the all-in-one Payment Service, announced it is expanding its Payments for Healthcare Payment Solutions program to include new marketplaces. With seamless integration of vendor management, automated vendor onboarding and seamless cross-Border payment processing capabilities, this new Marketplace Payments solution provides unlimited scalability to companies to add new vendors in their local marketplace and grow revenue without any additional cost.

BlueSnap Healthcare Payments Solutions can be used for a number of purposes such as billing for health care providers, processing payment for in-house or contracted staff, and accepting credit card payments for medical bills and services. BlueSnap has developed the most complete solution for managing these needs across the industry. By using its patented BSC solution, BlueSnap can handle the day-to-day tasks necessary to keep the marketplace healthy and profitable and also enable easy provisioning, billing and payment processing for vendors.


BSC is a highly sophisticated module designed specifically for healthcare vendors. Its architecture makes it simple to integrate with other healthcare systems and integrate seamlessly with other systems. It is designed to make life easier for healthcare vendors by reducing errors, providing seamless data exchange between vendors and healthcare providers, and improving collaboration and cost management. BSC also allows for a smooth workflow and improved data exchange with vendors, enabling easy payments from healthcare providers. By automating vendor onboarding and invoice generation, BSC helps healthcare providers to manage their cash flow and improve their productivity.

Through its advanced features, BlueSnap Healthcare Payment Solutions ensures that healthcare vendors can offer their services to the marketplaces at competitive rates and earn revenues. Through a sophisticated API, BlueSnap enables seamless integration with other healthcare applications like HealthCheck, SimpliCare, CVS Connect, CVS Checkup and more. BSC gives complete access to the latest payment and billing functionality.

Invoicing is an important aspect of a healthcare business. This is where the need for BlueSnap’s easy Invoicing features come in. By providing vendors with easy Invoicing and Payment module with integrated Billing Wizard and Billing Services, BlueSnap ensures that billing is streamlined and easily accomplished for all of your vendors.

Easy Invoicing works as follows: Invoicing is a process wherein a company sends out an invoice to all of its vendors. The invoice contains detailed information about the invoice’s contents including all invoicing information, vendor and sales order details, and all applicable taxes. Once a vendor accepts an invoice, the Invoicing module automatically integrates with the Invoicing API of the vendor and generates invoicing messages automatically for each vendor. These messages are delivered to the vendors on time and ensure the proper flow of transactions.

Payment, on the other hand, is the process in which a vendor accepts payment for products or services offered by a third party through online payments. The payment module of the BlueSnap Marketplace Payment Service automates the entire payment process between the vendor and the client. BSC integrates seamlessly with third-party payment gateway, which then handles the payment gateway for the vendor. Once the vendor accepts payment, a unique ID is assigned to the vendor’s invoice and the transaction is converted into an electronic format which can be accessed and sent back to the client.

With the Marketplace Payments module, marketplaces like the CVS Connect, SimpliCare and CVS Checkup is now included in the list of healthcare marketplaces. In order to facilitate easy and secure online transactions and payment for healthcare vendors, BlueSnap has made this module a part of the Marketplace Payment Service.

To receive Invovernight Invoicing, all you have to do is install Invovernight Invoicing and BSC and you will receive a email notification after the invoice is generated. You can view the invoice on your mobile device too, and you can accept or reject the invoice. In case your accept the invoice, your Invovernight Invoicing and BSC will then provide you with all the information about the transaction that was conducted, and it will provide you with a unique ID.

By using Invovernight Invoording and BSC, you are ensured that your invoicing is timely, easy and secure, especially if you want to avoid the occurrence of late billing due to poor documentation and billing errors. In addition, you can also check your invoice at any time to check whether it was accepted or rejected. so that your clients can easily track the status of your invoicing.

As you can see, Bluesnap can help your health care business flourish. Its unique set of features ensures a smooth and easy workflow.