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best portfolio WordPress themes

While reselling WordPress hosting is a simple addition to your agency’s existing packaging, there are merely a couple of things you will have to do first. The first, of course, is to associate with a WordPress host which you trust.

Partner with the best WordPress server for your business

When you are reselling hosting, you want to work with a server which you trust. One that knows both the freelancer and service model, and can help you achieve your revenue objectives. If you are offering SEO services, rate becomes crucial. Or maybe you’re hosting high-traffic sites and you’re searching for a host which you can consult on the way to effectively scale your customer websites. Whatever the situation is, selecting the most appropriate host to associate with will help you optimize your job and supply superior services for your customers.

Take Flywheel, for instance. Our easy-to-use dashboard enables agencies to access all their clients from 1 location. And if anything goes awry, our world-class WordPress support team offers help for both you and your customers.

Whoever you associate with, ensure that you have an outstanding relationship with them and know they will be there to support both your service and your customers.

Set Great margins

If you are paying $10 per website to your host, do not just charge your customers a measly $12. Healthy margins will help to make reselling a major drive of recurring revenue.

Package your services up

Some clever clients may realize that you’re charging $50/month for hosting and seek a more affordable price on the internet. If you are offering maintenance programs, include the hosting providers at no cost. This avoids the expense of hosting getting a discussion point and will discourage your customers from looking elsewhere, because the purchase price is connected to multiple services which you’re providing.