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products to style short hair

The most important aim for around faced beauties would be to make it seem a bit more elongated. This can be accomplished by adding height to the crown. A good deal of layers will need to be added to provide that required quantity. For around faces, avoid short bangs, as it would reduce the quantity on the crown. The back of the haircut is all but a barbershop style boy cut.

To get a heart shaped face, the most important objective is to add height to elongate the face. In this hairstyle, plenty of texture is added to the crown to provide the face the ideal balance. The sides are kept horizontal to maintain the face elongated. Heart shaped faces have a broader fore head, so that you can add fringes to conceal the forehead. You can keep your fringes in front to highlight your face or side sweep them to create your fore head look narrower. This pixie hairstyle is perfect for women having little face, striking eyes and high cheek bones.

Don’t get a blunt cut because it would accentuate your square jaw line. Also avoid straight, dull and thick bangs. Instead go for side swept bangs which are just under the brow length. Maintain your hair cut just under the jaw line.

Beauties using a balanced face can opt for a quick bob pixie hair cut. The cut is short in the nape, while the sides and top are thicker for more flexibility. This layered weathered appearance with hair tucked behind your ears, looks like a brief pixie. You may even go for short bangs on your fore head which emphasize your cheek bones.