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Basement Waterproofing Orland Park Il

Details of payment — the down payment, monthly payments, number of payments, the entire finance costs, and yearly percentage rate. The yearly percentage rate is the key to comparing costs for the cheapest rate.

A statement that the contractor is responsible for insuring his employees against possible injury at work.

A warranty or guarantee with all conditions spelled out. By way of instance, if what the contractor supplies doesn’t address the water problem, what’s the company obligated to perform and what are the choices?

The contractor’s signature and state or local licensing number, if licensing is required.

If you want to fund the work and the contract provisions could give the contractor a lien, mortgage on other security interest on your house, or if you’re solicited by a door-to-door salesperson, ensure that the contract includes a provision enabling you to cancel within three business days after signing it with no penalty.

When signing the contract, be certain all blanks are filled in, and that it contains everything the contractor guaranteed. Don’t rely on oral promises.

Be sure that you have a copy of the written contract, signed by both parties, if you have trouble with the contractor later.

If and when the contractor requests your signature on a completion certificate, inspect the job carefully to see that the job was done satisfactorily, prior to signing.

Even if the job is completed, don’t sign the completion certificate for those who have a valid complaint about the job. It’s not unreasonable, for basement waterproofing work, to delay signing until after heavy rains have come, or a specified period of time has elapsed.

Pro Tips: Basement WaterproofingThere are an assortment of potential causes of a wet basement. Although structural issues are often to blame, poor drainage or plumbing leaks may also activate moisture or flooding. Here, a basement waterproofing expert reviews the likely culprits and how they could best be handled.

A clean, dry cellar–there, does not that sound nice? Yet the simple fact is, a lot people live with basements that are moist, making them unpleasant to see and inhospitable for our possessions.