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I believe that is somewhat of a misnomer. Cats are not intentionally fussy, there is always a reason why a cat gets fussy over food.

Food bowl problems
little and lean food bowls are uncomfortable to a lot of cats. Your cat’s whiskers are very sensitive to stimulation, many cats do not enjoy their whiskers touching the side of bites.

Plastic food bowls may have a smell which puts off cats. With time, plastic bowls may create scratches which trap germs and smells. The ideal sort of bowls for cats are ceramic, glass or stainless steel. Cats are advised by their nose and also have an outstanding sense of smell. Cats do not like to eat near their bathroom, so avoid putting food bowls near litter trays. If your cat needs to walk past the snappy dog, or another family cat that ambushes him, he is also likely to be reluctant to consume. While many cats get together and love to play or sleep together, they prefer to consume their meals alone. 1 cat bullying a submissive cat or a food hound who wolfs down all of the food can also lead to problems.

Food directly from the fridge. If you use a microwave, mix it well then to prevent hot spots. Cats do not like their water bowl right near their food bowl. Separate both by at least a metre.

Clever advertising has lead pet owners to think that their cats should be fed one kind of food only, which is a excellent way to develop brand loyalty. A great deal of cats are now fed one food source, usually dry (kibble). The end result is cats who turn up their nose at a new sort of food.