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In the novel God of the Dead, the survivalist character, Pat Vocheck, is said to have been spending 20% of his paycheck at because of the inevitable World War 3 scenario that was unfolding. Well, there is no Civil Defense Supplies company in real life so we at God of the Dead decided to provide you the links to the sources of equipment that you will need to survive your own zombie apocalypse, World War 3, “Red Dawn” event, etc. Enjoy the links! We will be adding more so check back often.
God of the Dead: the Ultimate Suvivalist Zombie End Times Novel!
Here's what a gun expert says:
"Any book that combines gangsters, zombies, and machineguns is fine with me. Add a priest willing to dig out his Vietnam bring back M-16 to protect his flock from zombies and it gets better still. God of the Dead ranks among the best of the zombie-killing genre that is so popular today."

- Leroy Thompson Defense & Firearms Industry Writer/Author
(One of the world's top small arms writers for over three decades & author of dozens of books on V.I.P. protection, firearms, military equipment, and tactics)

Pat Vocheck's two favorite zombie (& commie) killing guns.
The AR-180 (left) and the rare Bushmaster Bullpup Arm Assault Pistol (right) which shoots the same caliber as the M-16.
Backwoods Survival Blog

My Fallout Shelter

Captian Dave's Survival Center


Freeze Dry Guy

KI4U (awesome site for nuclear war survival)

FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency)

Guns America (gun buying & selling website)

Red Dawn Movie News (new Red Dawn movie coming in 2012)

Keep & Bear Arms.Com


More and More Americans preparing for Social Unrest

Beretta Cx4 Storm Carbine (a great zombie killer!)
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